We stock a range of seasoned hardwood and softwoods


Hardwood is denser than softwood so has a higher heat content or calorific value. Typically, the heat content of indexsoftwood is little more than half as much as hardwood by volume.

Typical heat content of hardwood 2300kWh/m3 (stacked)

Typical heat content  of softwood 1300kWh/m3 (stacked)

Broadly speaking, around twice as many softwood logs as hardwood logs may be required to achieve the same heat output so more frequent refueling will be necessary when burning softwood.

On the other hand, softwood tends to light more easily than hardwood and burns faster due to its resin content. It gives more immediate heat so is ideal for kindling and initial burning.



We also supply eco-logs (briquettes), kiln-dried kindling and anthracite ovoids.


A dry stove used for heating one room will use around 3-4m3 per year

We can supply you 1m3 seasoned hardwood logs delivered in our custom designed log trailer (see photo)


log store

slatted log store

A log store of at least 1.5m3 is recommended where a property is heated by a log burning stove so that a standard delivery of 1m3 can be stored away when the store is still a quarter full. The store should be roofed and well ventilated on at least two sides. We can supply and install a custom-made log store (see example photo) – this way you will ensure a supply of dry logs. Other designs are available.


We can deliver up to 3 cubic metres of seasoned logs in our specially designed tipping trailer – split in to 3 compartments.

log trailer

delivered to your door