Stove installations specialists



Stove installation specialists, Stovestuff, are based in Kinross but offer their professional and experienced services fluelinerthroughout Central Scotland.

Whether you are considering a new stove installation or repairs to your existing stove, Stovestuff are the local experts who can help. You can benefit from our experience and training guaranteeing you’ll get the best performance from your stove.

When you select a stove at Stovestuff you get the best advice about fuel and supplies. Here at Stovestuff we see a stove as a way of life and as such can tailor a purchase to suit your budget and needs.

Stovestuff offers a full local service whether you have purchased a stove from us or have one that needs installation, there are many regulations that a stove installation needs to meet and we are fully HETAS trained.

If you are experiencing problems with your current stove or flue, our team can help fix problems and can supply spare parts.flueliner kit

Here at Stovestuff we prefer to keep things simple. We offer you a 2 part process.

  1. With our help and a FREE home survey you choose your stove.
  2. We supply and install the chimney flue-liner (not all stoves need a flue-liner)

cowl hanger

Your installation will comprise:

  • Vitreous flue-pipe (Black pipe connecting your stove to chimney or liner)
  • Flexible Liner if required – cut to the required length
  • Register/Closure Plate – seals chimney
  • Rain Cowl – supports liner and prevents ingress of water
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm – legal requirement
  • Air Vent – required in certain circumstances if stove is over 5kw
  • On completion of installation we will advise on best practice with regard to fuel and storage.