How healthy is your stove?

stove glass

stove glass & gasket

Woodburners and multifuel stoves through time will need parts replaced.

firebrick liners

fire brick liners

The most common stove parts which need replaced are;
Grates – Baffle plates – Fire bricks – Stove glass

Stove glass can be the most awkward part to get hold of and that is where Stovestuff can help you – with our wide range of pre-cut glass to suit 99% of stoves in the market. All we need from you is the make & model of your stove or simply the measurement of the glass


multifuel grate

multi-fuel grate

Our trained engineers can fit the parts and would be happy to give you an estimate of the work to be carried out

  • When was your chimney last swept?
  • Are there any cracks in the glass?
  • Is the firerope around the door worn?
  • Can you see any rust on the stove?
  • Are there any gaps visible between the panels?